This policy is to establish proper disposal methods for various types of waste delivered to facilities operated by the Coastal Regional Solid Waste Management Authority.


• The Executive Director is responsible for management and employee adherence to Policy.
• The Operations Manager is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of material received and for adherence to regulations.
• Scale Operators and Receiving employees are responsible for the monitoring of material received and administration of the Policy.

Locations Affected:

This Policy applies equally to Newport and Grantsboro Transfer Stations, and Tuscarora Landfill, unless otherwise stated.

All customers entering CEP facilities are required to unload in the manner and location as directed by CEP staff. Upon entering the facility, customers should inform the scale operator of the type of waste being delivered.

Closing - Time Limitations

CEP facilities are required to perform certain maintenance and closing procedures each day after the final delivery of waste. Closing times are posted at each facility. All vehicles must be unloaded and checked out by the scale operator no later than 10 minutes after the posted closing time. Scale Operators may refuse entry to any vehicle that cannot reasonably be expected to complete unloading in a timely manner.

Residential Drop-Off Area – Tuscarora

CEP provides a residential waste drop-off area at the Tuscarora Landfill site. Use of this area is limited to passenger vehicles and small truck loads and is for non-commercial loads only. At times of high traffic, the scale operator may direct small commercial loads to this area for unloading.

All CEP facilities are permitted by the State of North Carolina to accept Municipal Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition Waste, Yard Waste and Scrap Tires. In addition, the Tuscarora Landfill is permitted to accept clean inert debris, white goods (for disposal by Craven County) and asbestos. Materials not accepted include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

 • Motor Oil
 • Strong Acids
 • Alkalines
 • Reactive Waste
 • Ignitable Fluids
 • Pesticides
 • Herbicide
 • Organic Solvents
 • Polychlorinated Biphyenl (PBC)
 • Liquids, Radioactive Waste
 • Regulated Medical Waste
 • Lead Acid Batteries
 • Oyster Shells** Coastal Environmental Partnership has an onsite recycling bin for oyster shells at the Tuscarora Landfill and the Grantsboro Transfer Station. The recycling program is managed by North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Regulated asbestos-containing materials are only accepted at the Tuscarora Landfill. CEP consults with the epidemiology branch of the State Department of Health to determine what materials are considered regulated.

All tires must be accompanied by a State Tire form. Call 252-633-1564 for proper forms, or download the form HERE. Haulers are required to properly stack tires in trailers at the transfer stations.

There is no charge for tire disposal, except as provided by State law. Fees not included in the State Scrap Tire Program will be set in the annual fee schedule adopted as part of the budget. Collected tires are shipped to a disposal site equipped and permitted to dispose of the tires in a proper manner.

Yard waste is accepted at all three CEP facilities. Under State law, yard waste is not permitted in a landfill and must therefore be segregated for disposal. Only small, incidental amounts of yard waste may be co-mingled with MSW or C&D waste on the tipping floor or landfill working face.

Yard waste will not be accepted in plastic bags, except in biodegradable bags tested and approved by CEP. Yard waste delivered in bags must be emptied at the yard waste unloading area and the bags properly disposed of at the site.

Failure to properly segregate yard waste from other materials will result in an application of the penalty charge disposal rate of 200% of the MSW tipping fee.

Clean wood waste is untreated, unpainted wood, in lengths of no longer than six feet. A separate unloading area is available at the Tuscarora Landfill for Clean Wood Waste.

CEP is permitted to accept clean, inert debris for beneficial fill purposes. Clean inert debris includes, concrete, asphalt, rock, clean soil and brick. Concrete may contain rebar and wire, but all exposed rebar and wire must be removed. A separate unloading area is available at the Tuscarora Landfill site for inert debris. Customers must make the scale operator aware that they have inert debris for instructions on dumping.

In accordance with State rules, barrels and drums cannot be accepted unless the ends have been removed. Five gallon cans are accepted if the tops have been removed.

Medical sharps are accepted so long as they arrive in crush-resistant, leak-proof containers and meet the State requirements for non-regulated medical waste. Sharps may not be placed in commercial on-site compactors prior to delivery to the landfill.